Planning Your Retirement: Best Edmonton Neighbourhoods for Seniors

Planning your retirement in Edmonton? Learn about senior-friendly neighbourhoods from Westmount to Lewis Estates that cater to a relaxed lifestyle.

Retirement is a significant milestone that opens up a new chapter of leisure, relaxation, and perhaps a bit of adventure. Choosing where to live during these golden years is crucial as it affects your lifestyle, accessibility to essential services, and overall enjoyment. Edmonton, known for its vibrant community spirit and beautiful natural surroundings, offers several neighbourhoods that are perfect for retirees. Let’s explore some of the best Edmonton neighbourhoods for seniors planning their retirement.

1. Oliver

Nestled close to the heart of downtown Edmonton, Oliver is an ideal choice for seniors who enjoy a blend of city life and serene parkland. This neighbourhood is one of the oldest in Edmonton, providing a picturesque backdrop with mature trees and well-maintained sidewalks perfect for morning walks or leisurely strolls. Oliver is densely populated with condos and apartments, many of which offer stunning views of the North Saskatchewan River Valley. The community is also well-equipped with amenities including grocery stores, pharmacies, medical facilities, and coffee shops, all easily accessible on foot or by public transit.

2. Strathcona

For retirees who appreciate arts and culture, Strathcona is the place to be. This historic district, with its vibrant atmosphere and rich heritage, hosts numerous festivals, farmers markets, and live theatre performances. The walkability of Whyte Avenue, coupled with its array of shops, restaurants, and bars, makes it a lively area for those who like to stay active and socially engaged. Strathcona’s proximity to the University of Alberta also provides opportunities for lifelong learning and access to university-led events and programs.

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3. Westmount

Just north of the downtown core, Westmount is a quiet, established neighbourhood with a strong sense of community—a great fit for seniors seeking a slower-paced lifestyle but still wanting proximity to urban conveniences. The area features beautiful historic homes and newer developments tailored to senior living, offering a variety of housing options. The Westmount Community League organizes events and activities that foster community spirit and engagement among residents of all ages.

4. Glenora

Glenora is one of Edmonton’s most affluent neighbourhoods, known for its stunning historic homes and the picturesque Alberta Legislature Grounds nearby. It’s an excellent choice for those who prefer a more tranquil setting but still want to be close to the core of the city. Glenora offers easy access to medical facilities, shopping, and recreational activities, along with beautiful walking trails and parks, ideal for maintaining an active lifestyle.

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5. Lewis Estates

For retirees who enjoy golf and other outdoor activities, Lewis Estates is an attractive option. This newer development is built around a golf course and offers a variety of modern housing options, from condos to single-family homes. The neighbourhood is well-planned with walking paths, parks, and green spaces. Additionally, it’s close to healthcare services and shopping centers, providing convenience and accessibility.

6. Bearspaw

Located in the southwest of the city, Bearspaw offers a peaceful living environment with stunning views of the Edmonton skyline and the nearby river valley. The area has a mix of residential properties including bungalows which are often favoured by seniors. Bearspaw is also home to several leisure and community centres offering programs tailored to older adults, making it a community that supports active aging.

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